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Source: Instagram/mrbeast

Source: Instagram/mrbeast

Comparison of  $1 vs $1 Billion Yacht


Source: Instagram/mrbeast

With Pete Davidson  in this video

$1 Million yacht

surprisingly big living room, a master bedroom, and another bedroom where they can not stand up properly

$25 Million yacht

Capacity to hold 150 people. Came with a world-class chef. This boat is a mansion.

$50 Million yacht

When you pay $50 million you are given a remote that can call the crew at any time

$300 Million yacht

Has over 50 crew members waiting on your every request. There are tons of luxurious rooms and over 9 master bedrooms. This one has 6 floors and comes with a massive pool and a hot tub with a view. It is ridiculously nice.

$1 Billion Yacht

The $1 billion boat is bigger than the 3 Statues of Liberty. This ship has over 2000 rooms. It has water slides, an indoor mall, a basketball court, and tons of other stuff that you can’t name. A water park up there and literally have live music in this park. There is in fact an entire floor dedicated to sports. There are indeed 7 neighborhoods on the ship. This is completely a different world. It has shops, restaurants, arcades, and even Starbucks.