How to grow sales on Instagram.

72% of the internet user admit that before making a purchase they are always searching for visual content. They also admit that they want more images on e-commerce sites. These two statistics quickly made Instagram the leading channel for business to promote their products.

But today the competition has grown by manifolds as so many businesses are trying to go online and taping into this consumer behavior. It is not only hard for businesses to grow customers but they are struggling to optimize their profiles with the right content, bio, and hashtags that promote their business.

In this article, we are going to share everything that you need to know to grow your online business on Instagram.

But before all that let’s take more clarity on why you should be selling on Instagram.

Why you should Choose Instagram as the Number One Sells Channel.

If you are an owner of an e-commerce store like Shopify or Woocommerce you should have more visual content to share with your customer because this is the only content that can be rapidly consumed by customers all over the world, it takes a fraction of a second to bring your intent in front of them. The higher the number of visual content that can be shared with your customer higher will be the rate of selling your products. So it is now convincing that you should choose Instagram to bring your products in front of people with as much visual content as you can.

Here are some of the points that we think stand out on Instagram by far as one of the best sells channels.

Instagram’s format is the best to showcase your products.

Companies all over the world know that visual content is the best to reach customers and people and eventually convert them into your customer. Because of its visual nature, it is the best platform to showcase your products.

Instagram users are more engaged

A study shows that about 40% of online users respond to visual content more frequently. This is the single reason that stands out the Instagram user as the targeted customer for your online business.

Keeping into account that when your audience is most active and using the right hashtags is the key to engaging them with your posts. We will be covering more on this in the later sections.

72 % of Instagram Users are more likely to make a purchase

According to a recent study 72% of the Instagram user likely to make a purchase right after seeing the image because they can instantly take a purchase decision based on the likes and comments the product is getting from Instagram user feedback. Right off the bat, they can see whether the product is trending or not. So, what’s more, does a seller wants? The most popular categories for online businesses include apparel, makeup, shoes, jewelry, and packaged foods.

Instagram is equipped with all the interactive tools you need to stand out your business

Instagram started as a simple image-sharing platform. Right now it is equipped with a number of tools right from carousel posts to Instagram stories, video posts, IGTV, and shoppable Instagram posts. There are so many ways for your e-commerce store to sell on Instagram. Simply put, Instagram will equip you with all the tools that you need to convert potential buyers into customers.

But just like any other sales channel, to make Instagram work for you you need to focus on turning it into a sales engine. Just uploading great pictures of your product is not enough to drive sales.

How to optimize your e-commerce store Instagram Page to drive sellsAdd a logo to establish your store identity

Add a logo to establish brand identity

To make your account real and authentic you need to add a brand logo to your Instagram page instead of your selfie. It will create a brand image for your store in the viewer’s mind and it will create a solid identity for your brand in the shopper’s mind.

Make an impressive bio

Your Instagram bio is the maker or breaker of your brand image in the shopper’s mind. Typically Instagram users would come across while browsing through their feeds or searching for specific hashtags of their interests. The very next step of the user journey will be to visit your profile. Use this space to share a little about your brand and products and how your brand can be the best fit for them apart from others. Adding a few emojis and hashtags can go a long way too. See how successful brands are writing their bio. See what is common for them. For example, if you are selling shoes take a look at how Adidas and Nike are selling their products. What’s special that is making them apart and what common things are between the? This will give you an idea of how you can stand apart from others in the market and stand out.

Include the right link in your Instagram bio

Instagram does not let you put links in all of your posts. But you can add one in your Instagram bio. To make the most out of this link put the right link so that it can directly take shoppers to the page where they can convert from shoppers to your customers.

For example, if you are selling 40% sell on site-wide put a direct link to your sell page. If you are promoting a new collection put a direct link to it.

You can keep changing this link based on your marketing strategy.

Identify top-searched hashtags

Before start processing your Instagram posts make sure you have a list of highly searched hashtags that other competitors of your business are using. This way you will increase your chance to appear in front of the intended buyers. You can use tools to find the trending highly searched keyword but as you type in using # and then rest Instagram will show you hashtags and search volumes so that you can use it as per your choice.

Instagram growth hacks

You can also comment on your post with Instagram hashtags. After every few hours delete the comment and make a new comment with new hashtags again. This will help you to reach more users that generally you were not able to reach after your first post.


We have seen some of the best technics and tricks through which we can increase sales on Instagram. In the next post, we will see some of the most important tricks to grow sales on Instagram.

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