How to use ai to make money online 

Today if you need to start a business, in some way or another, you need to use AI to get the best productivity in your business or workplace. It is a machine that has a superhuman brain consisting of the experience of literally the whole world’s content. A human in its whole life can not know so many things at the same time because to be master of something you need to invest time. Whereas AI like ChatGPT, and Google Bard are a brain that is fed with all the data from this world. So this superhuman brain knows and does everything that we can not do. So enough discussion and now we will see how you can use this superhuman brain to assist you to be better productive in your workplace or business.

Now all these ai bots can help generate content on the fly that can be consumed by people of particular interest. And here is the key to your success. You need to know which people want to consume what and viola you now know what to feed the. Generate that content and find a channel to rich them with your content that has an affinity towards them and you are making money with that. It is as simple as that.

We will see in detail the process of doing the above things.

How to generate AI content?

Now you want to generate AI content to make money. For example, you want to be an educator and you are reading these posts. You need to generate some content about a subject. You can do that easily with ChatGPT. You have to tell prominently what things you want. For example, if you tell ChatGPT to check and rectify a paragraph, it can do that. If you want to solve a basic math problem it can do that. If you ask it to explain a particular science theory it can do that. So now you have the ability to generate content with ease. Ask it to generate the things that you want.

Is it possible to write an ebook?

Yes. you heard it right. ChatGPT can write an ebook for you. You need to know how to use it. In my next article, I will tell you how to use it. But for now, know that if you tell it to write an ebook it will write it for you. From the basic standpoint, you first ask ChatGPT to give you an outline about how to write an ebook on a particular topic. With that outline, you tell it to explain things. You note it down and start copying and pasting it somewhere else in google docs or Microsoft Word. If you don’t like something as it is generated you should be more specific to ask to generate things that you want. For example, you ask it to generate a paragraph about sudden events that are occurring every year. If you are not happy with the content that it is generated you tell it to generate more specific things like mention a year. Suppose you are writing an ebook with foods. You tell it to generate how to make pasta. It will generate answers. If you are not happy tell it to generate a recipe for white pasta. It will generate it. This is the way you have to be specific.

Make it your content writer.

There are thousands of writing jobs out there on freelancer websites. If you know how to communicate with a client you will get a content writer job. You may list gigs for your content writing. Now the twist is Jaser ai content is approved everywhere. You now generate content with specific prompts. Read the generated content by Jasper, check it, and send it to the client. It is that easy. There are thousands of content writing jobs. Start doing now.

Selling artificially generated Image

There are people who started selling artificially generated images. You have to be very creative in generating these images. If you can generate unique images that people love to see, for example, Elon Musk in a baby school dress can generate a funny image that can be sharable on Instagram or Twitter. If you started sharing this kind of meme on Instagram you gradually start gaining attention from people and generating an engaging audience. As you have an audience you can promote anything to sell or be a social media influencer, it is up to you.


So these are some of the ways you can generate money with AI. In the next blog, we will see some prompts of ChatGPT in action to perform tasks.

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