Apple WWDC 2023 : What to expect.

The Apple World Wide Developers Conference 2023 is going to kick off today. We will take an overview of the potential announcements ahead of the keynote.

APPLE IS TIGHT-LIPPED. The company is known for staying super secretive about upcoming product launches. WWDC2023 will start at 10 AM Pacific on Monday, June 5 with a Keynote address from the Apple CEO Team Cook. 

Typical rumours leading up to the events will be full of new features for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. This year Apple’s focus will not be introducing new features on the existing product rather the company seems to launch an entirely new product lineup. 

If you are keeping up with the rumours you may see plenty of headlines about launching Apple’s first ever new augmented reality headset. It will run on an entirely different operating system called xrOS with some key apps at launch. All these are based on speculation. Last year we also expected to see virtual reality headsets.

Technologybard will keep you up to date will all the information that will be refreshing. To keep you up with the momentum here is a brief on what to expect from WWDC2023.


Ios16 was introduced with the option to add widgets on the home screen to display weather, and social feeds. In this year building on these features, we are expecting to get a new smart-home display mode with ios17. The feature will kick in if the device is licked and placed horizontally allowing us to see things like weather awareness, calendar appointments etc just like Google’s Nest Hub or Amazon’s Echo Show. It also introduces mood-tracking features within the health app. We are expecting to see more accessibility features. The company will launch software features for cognitive vision and speech accessibility which will be available later this year to help persons with vision disabilities to interact with the physical object that has text labels and live speech.


The aforementioned smart-home display mode and journaling app will also be expected to include ipadOS17. It could be possible to see a health app on an iPad too complete with the mood-tracking features. The biggest update of iPads will be centred around the Stage Manager Features which was introduced last year with ipadOS16 where multitasking features mimic the experience of desktop computing. Organise features like seeing the apps at a glance or in a group, resizing and overlapping windows are also included. Apple is also expecting to enhance the experience with webcam support for an external monitor, sleep mode for an iPad display and resizable docs. 

MacOS 14 and Hardware 

MacOs and tvOs are not expected to have a significant change this year as Apple’s continuous effort will be to improve iOS, iPadOS and watchOS improvement. We can expect an M2-powered 15-inch MacBook Air with two core options—similar to last year’s 13-inch MacBook Air which comes with either an 8-core or 10-core CPU. 

WatchOS 10

Unlike the rest of the Apples product watchOS will get a significant improvement in this year with a bigger update that focuses on new Widgets and fundamental changes to how the device works. The updated interface will combine an updated version of iOS 14 style widgets with the old watchOS glance system that will allow users to scroll through multiple widgets are weather, activity tracking, calendar appointments etc. 

Widget stacks on watchOS are also a probable feature we are expected to see this year which includes gathering multiple widgets and scrolling through them. Apple may also change some of the functions of the watch button. For example, the Digital Crown press currently triggers the home screen but instead, users might be able to open widgets with that button press. 

Reality Pro

Based on the rumour Apple is most expectedly going to unveil its own virtual reality headset. At this point, the question is not how this is going to look but rather when it is expected to be available.  Rumours suggest Monday is the day. Apple’s headset rumoured to be called The Reality Pro or The Reality One will cost about as high as $3000 compared to other companies’ headsets like Meta Quest 3 which cost $500. The Apple headset will also consist of a 4K Micro-OLED display, 12 Optical cameras for tracking hand movements and 2 M2-based processors with an external power supply. The headset is also expected to have 5000 nits of peak brightness. As augmented reality is combined with virtual reality in the headset, the VR features will be enabled by the internal displays while the AR capability will be enabled through a video pass. 


xrOS will have features like a home screen similar to that of an iPad and users will be able to operate multiple apps at once in space. Apps can be placed in a physical space like a living room and when a user reenters the room the previous workspace reappears. It will also be able to run all of Apple’s existing apps like Messages, Music, Photos, Books, FaceTime, Maps, and Weather, along with existing third-party iPad apps. Users will be able to sync their existing account data with the device with iPhone or iPad. 

How to watch the Keynote

Apple WWDC2023 will be live-streamed on Monday, June 5 starting at 1 pm Eastern, 10 am Pacific. It can be watched via Apple’s site or on its official Youtube channel. 

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