Apple Vision Pro – A new era of spatial computing

Welcome to a new era of computing in Apple’s language they coined the term spatial computing. It is the experience of computing by navigating the world through eyes, hands, and voice so you can do the things you are generally doing but doing it in space through the gesture of your hands and movement of your eyes, and the interaction of your voice. A unique computing experience that we have seen never before.

Apple introduces its first-ever spatial computing operating system VisionOS. They have introduced Vision Pro. You will see your whole world in it but with that, your apps are also in space with your real space. That means they have seamlessly integrated your real space with your device space. Your favorite apps will be right in front of your space. The concept is familiar yet groundbreaking. You can navigate through your apps within this augmented reality space. Here you will navigate by pointing your eyes to a particular app. In which app your eye will be pointed, that app will be operational in question. And then simply tap to select it to open. Scrolling is done through flicking. If you want to search for something use your voice. It’s seamless. It’s like magic. Apps have third dimensions. So it can react to light and cast shadows. Even though everything is happening within Vision Pro, It looks, sounds, and feels like they are physically present with you. The experience is so seamless that whenever you are wearing it and someone is present in the room you can interact with them and they can as well. Your Vision Pro space can be life-size or can be of any size. It will give you the ultimate 3D experience of a movie. Whenever you are seeing a movie you can zoom it at any scale, and make the screen as big as you want. Fill the entirety of the universe that is created within a movie. You are now in the 3D movie world. You can be anywhere. It does not matter. Your personal best ever 3D world with you always. You can use it in flight for example. It can darken the rest of the space apart from the movie world. So that you can create the exact 3D virtual world that you love to be in. Another feature is that as you zoom in, spatial audio surrounds you and makes you feel like you are part of this virtual universe. Everything feels like happening in reality. For an extraordinary cinematic experience, you can bring in a beautiful environment and make the screen 100 feet wide. Your favorite games are now in your space. Connect your controller and now get the immersive gaming experience with spatial 3D surround sound. You are now part of this gaming universe. Facetime will give you more real experience. But the thing to note that is your Mac is now in Vision Pro. Open your Mac and your workspace is now right in your space in Vision Pro. Connect Magic Key Board, and Magic Track Pad with it and now your workspace is part of your space. Literally, navigate through the app by pointing your eyes and then select the app by taping your two fingers, scaling it, and scrolling it with crystal clear text clarity.

It comes with a price of 3400 USD. The price is too high compared to its competitor. But it comes with the features that its competitors can not provide. It is all connected to all Apple devices. Honestly, the experience this device is provide is actually awesome. Those who want luxury and want to experience the digital world from a different dimension should go for it.

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