MrBeast last video $1 vs $1,000,000,000 Yacht! crossed 100 Million views.

MrBeast’s last video, $1 vs $1,000,000,000 Yacht! has made views over 100 million in just 7 days. In this video, you can also see Tom Brady and Pete Davidson.

He said in a tweet that this video beats his Squid Games video by 5 million views in 24h in youtube history.

In this video, he compared a $1 billion super yacht with a $300 million mega yacht, a $50 million giga yacht, and down to a $1 yacht. They started with $1 yacht. Get a sneak peek from Instagram.

And it is of no surprise this $1 yacht disappointed them. After they have stepped on the board it was clear why this yacht cost $1, they started sinking. As soon as the boat was put in the water it started filling in with water. So they were trying to go up and at least they jump from the boat and leave it while saying this should not be worth $1.

They next stepped into the $1 million yacht. Later in this video, there were $50 million, $300 million, and $1 billion yachts. So hold on, we are bringing everything. The $1 million yacht was a little smaller than they thought. As they entered the $1 million boat they have seen a surprisingly big living room, a master bedroom, and another bedroom where they can not stand up properly because their head was touching the ceiling and there was a double bed for the kids. These rooms in a $1 million yacht were not very luxurious. Now they call a rescue boat and they are going to the $10 million boat.

See some of the pics MrBeast has shared on Instagram.

Back to the story. Now they are in the $10 million yacht. let’s check this out. This is a Holy Crap. The front of the boat is huge and this is way bigger than the last one. So they decided to go into the yacht. For $9 million more they now can actually stand up. There are 4 massive bedrooms in this yacht. Upstairs is another huge sitting area and seats are quite soft compared to the $1 million yacht. It is the nicest one they have seen so far.

The next one is massive. It is worth $25 million dollar and has the capacity to hold 150 people. This boat is a mansion. They were walking around and asking each other where it stops. In the end, they have seen a bedroom and this is the nicest one they have seen so far. It’s nice because their head does not hit the ceiling and they can bearly touch it now. This yacht has a living room, an office, a massage parlor, seven bedrooms, and two dining rooms. This is the best yacht they have seen so far. It’s amazing. One of their friends is now in the massage parlor. In the meantime, others have found chocolate and they were enjoying chocolaty bites. This is a $25 million boat with 30 rooms in it. Even though the yacht came with a world-class chef, the boys still need pizza. And here you go. World-class luxury is here. Surprisingly a helicopter landed on the moving boat now. This is an Uber helicopter. Uber conventionally does helicopter deliveries. Now pizza is in their hands. They jumped from a $25 million yacht and someone throw pizza towards Mac (One of MrBeast’s friends). He was swimming in the water and caught the pizza. If this $25 million yacht makes you crazy take a tour of their next yacht episode which is a $50 million yacht.

This $50 million yacht is 200 feet long, four stories high and it has the capacity to hold 200 people. It also comes with a crew of 20 people. When you pay $50 million you are given a remote that can call the crew at any time. They have seen a TV can go up and down by pressing a remote button. This one is also huge and they are roaming around the boat. After having a 5-star dinner, the next morning they went for a $300 million yacht.

This $300 million yacht has over 50 crew members waiting on your every request. There are tons of luxurious rooms and over 9 master bedrooms. This one has 6 floors and comes with a massive pool and a hot tub with a view. It is ridiculously nice. It comes with a state-of-the-art gym that overlooks the ocean. It has a movie theater with a window that is auto darken whenever you watch something. It has a Piano that plays itself. All boys disappeared into Spa. Someone was in the haircut. Someone is taking a hot bath. They have discovered there were more downstairs and they have found jet skis over there. They have a wonderful dinner and after that, they found a boat pulling up. On the boat, Tom Brady was there. For those who don’t know Tom Brady, he is the number-one quarterback in NFL history. They played some football with Tom Brady and Tom hit the drone of MrBeast out of the sky. After a lot of fun and a hangout in the movie room for the night, they will now go for the billion-dollar boat.

The $1 billion boat is bigger than the 3 Statues of Liberty. You can’t imagine how massive the ship is. It is 17 stories high, 1200 feet wide floating city. Its capacity is almost 10000 people. This ship has over 2000 rooms. It has water slides, an indoor mall, a basketball court, and tons of other stuff that you can’t name. A water park up there and literally have live music in this park. There is in fact an entire floor dedicated to sports. There are indeed 7 neighborhoods on the ship. This is completely a different world. It has shops, restaurants, arcades, and even Starbucks.

And this is the journey fro $1 to $1 billion ships of MrBeast. You can watch the video here.

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