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Welcome to technologybard. We are a team of two members. Suman and Rumpa both are running technologybard right now.

We are in search of things that will give you proper information about what you want to know. Technology is a vast area. It is not possible from now to cover everything. We started working on some of the things like learning web development, games that you love, and other gadget and AI-related Information. ChatGPT is now a hot topic on the web. We started producing articles on it so that you can get the most out of AI. There are a lot of AI tools apart from ChatGPT which we will be talking about. We will talk about AI tools because they will make you manyfold productive as you are right now. So keep coming to our website so that whenever we will publish an article you will know it. If you like our article you can mention us anywhere that will help us to be more accelerated to write informative things for you.

If you are a gamer and waiting to get to know many things about the game world then this is good news for you. Because we are going to write a tremendous amount of things in games. So many popular games are out there that you don’t know about them. Some games like Minecraft are so big that it is impossible to know everything about the game. This type of game contains building blocks upon which you can make or break things. It is awesome and interesting. If you want to dive into the world of Minecraft and want to know more about this game then you are in the right place. Playing this game will give you immense pleasure whereas it is tough for a beginner to start the game and learn as you go. We are here to write for you to give you lessons on how to start learning and playing Minecraft. Do you know playing Minecraft from childhood will be a superb income source that probably you can not think of? It has tremendous potential to produce money. And if you start playing it in your childhood probably by the age of 10 or 12 you are making money which will be more than most of the business people around you. So if you are motivated enough to learn Minecraft you are in the right place. So check our website’s game section to learn things about Minecraft.

If you are interested in games you are also interested in mobile phones. So we are right at the place that you are searching for. We will provide you information to buy phones for your games. Because the performance depends on the phone that you are using. And it is tough to choose the right phone if you don’t know how to buy it and what things you should look for to buy it. We are going to write articles about what phones you should buy.

If you are a laptop or PC lover you will love to read our articles as well. We will be discussing what are the things that you should focus on to buy laptops or desktops.
We all love Apple devices. And apple is going to launch new technology this year in WWDC2023. We have written articles on this. Apple’s headset is the grown-breaking innovation that they have revealed. Read the article and know about the details here.

We will write articles about how technology can change your life and how it can give you long-term earnings by working from home.

Enough talk. See you in the article. Learn and Enjoy the life.